Tips to Play and Earn Rewards Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Cruise

A brand-new Honkai Star Rail event is departing – but what exactly is the Xianzhou Cruise and how can players earn an iPhone or PS5?

Honkai Star Rail update 1.2 is preparing to kick off, and in the leadup to the arrival of Blade and Kafka, HoYoverse isn’t letting the players rest for a moment.

The next major update is bringing two new areas, a new Echo of War, a story expansion, a new Stagnent Shadow, five new events and more to our favorite gacha title.

But before all that, it seems that HoYoverse has a new surprise in store for us all.

What Is the Xianzhou Cruise Event in Honkai Star Rail?

The Xianzhou Cruise event is a Honkai: Star Rail web event that tasks users with playing a Flappy Bird-inspired minigame in order to earn tickets to redeem for prizes.

In the event’s gameplay, players must tap their phone screen (or left click on PC) to cause their Trailblazer Starskiff to jump, avoiding obstacles in an attempt to make it as far as possible before crashing.

Each attempt will grant players the use of a new power-up to keep things fresh.

In addition, a Voice Control mode, allowing players to use their voice to pilot the Starskiff, will be launching on mobile devices on July 19, 2023.

By playing this event, all players will be able to earn an exclusive Avatar Frame and up to 90 free Stellar Jade. However, the more exciting draw is that players can also earn Exploration Tickets which can be used to participate in select reward pool lotteries.

These lotteries will allow players a chance to earn a number of prizes, including an iPhone 14 Pro, a PlayStation 5, and more.

How to Play Xianzhou Cruise Event

You can take part in Honkai Star Rail’s Xianzhou Cruise event right now at the following link:

Xianzhou Cruise Event

You can also access the event by scanning the QR Code below. The gameplay is better on mobile than in your browser, so we recommend using your phone.

  • HoYoLAB Avatar Frame – Platform-wide total flight distance hits 10 million km (Already Complete)
  • Stellar Jade x60 – Platform-wide total flight distance hits 30 million km (Already Complete)
  • Stellar Jade x30 – Carry out 1 Reward Exploration.

All Raffle Prizes

  • Honkai: Star Rail Mouse Pad (Random Design) – 500 Available
  • Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones – 20 Available
  • PlayStation 5 Console – 10 Available (Unlocked when global progress surpasses 120,000,000 KM)
  • iPhone 14 Pro 245 GB + Apple Watch Series 8 – 5 Available (Unlocked when global progress surpasses 180,000,000 KM)

How to Claim Rewards

To claim your rewards for Honkai Star Rail’s Xianzhou Cruise event, first select Take Off and attempt to make it as far as possible with your chosen Trailblazer.

Once you crash and the game is over, head back to the Home Screen and check Missions. If you’ve completed a certain task (AKA made it to a certain distance, or recruited a necessary character) you’ll be able to hit Claim to collect Event Draw Tickets.

Xianzhou Cruise Event Honkai Star Rail

You’ll then be able to select the Tickets icon on the Xianzhou Cruise home screen to assign your tickets to the raffle prize you’d most like to win.

Note: Raffles will become available for players to spend their Event Draw Tickets, on Wednesday, July 19 at 12 PM (UTC+8), in 1 days, 18 hours, 9 minutes and 53 seconds.

Hit Confirm when you’re sure you’ve used your tickets the way you want.

Final Important Note:

According to the event rules: Winners must head to the HoYoLAB website and fill in their delivery address under Manage Delivery Addresses on the Information Management page before 2023/07/31 12:00 (UTC+8)..

Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Cruise End Date

The Xianzhou Cruise event for Honkai Star Rail will come to an end officially on July 31, 2023 at 12 PM (UTC+8).

By this time, all players must have filled in their delivery address on the HoYoVerse website or they will forfeit their prizes.

In addition, players will only be able to play the minigame to earn rewards and use their accrued tickets until July 23. From that point on, the Reward Exploration minigame will be closed.

The Xianzhou Cruise event kicked off in Honkai Star Rail on July 14, 2023 at 4 AM server time.