Check Now Warzone Split Screen Local Multiplayer Now Possible

Here’s everything there is to know about Warzone split screen, and whether local multiplayer is at all possible.

Warzone may massive lobbies of over one hundred players, but can two of them come from the same console?

Can You Play Warzone Split Screen?

No, Warzone 2 does not allow users to play split screen with others on the same console. This has been the Matter since launch, and it was the same deal for the original Warzone as well.

As for why Warzone doesn’t allow split screen gameplay, no reason has ever been officially announced.

However, it’s most likely because even current-gen consoles would struggle to handle the scope of the huge-scale Action Royale for two players at once.

After all, Warzone doesn’t always run smoothly when only one user is playing online. Somehow, we imagine hosting two separate players in different locations on the massive-scale map may lead to significant performance issues.

Will Split Screen Ever Come to Warzone?

It is very unlikely that split screen multiplayer will ever be added to Warzone in the future. This is most likely because consoles would struggle to handle two separate instances of the game at once.

On top of that, local multiplayer doesn’t appear to be a priority for Activision these days, making it very unlikely that they’d be working on adding split screen post-launch.

That said, Modern Warfare 2 does allow fans to play split screen multiplayer online in certain game modes, though most players don’t seem to know that the option is available.

The previous Call of Duty title, Vanguard, also allowed players to play split screen multiplayer online – so long as they had two separate accounts.

Those who miss the glory days of couch co-op may be unhappy to see the feature not-found from Warzone. But we’d imagine that, while split screen may come to future Call of Duty titles, it’s unlikely to ever appear in the huge-scale Action Royale.